How to Select a First Dance Song

The first dance at a wedding is one of the most pivotal moments of the night, as the couple shares a special moment on the dance floor that marks the beginning of the festivities and also of their life together. Many couples already have a favourite tune picked out for the big day, but for others, making the right choice can be much more difficult.

Although some couples do already have their own “song”, they may not feel that it is appropriate for a wedding setting or to dance to. On the other hand, some couples may not even have a song at all! For these brides and grooms, here are a few tips on choosing the right first dance song for you.

First of all, even if you have a first dance song and you believe it is too unconventional for your wedding, you may want to think again. Although you may be concerned about what others might think about dancing together to that cheesy 80s pop song that you and your partner have always loved, it is your wedding and you should feel free to select a tune that is the most meaningful to you.

If you are hiring a solo wedding singer, ask if he or she can prepare a rendition of the piece, which might make it more entertaining and original for all the guests. Otherwise, ask your DJ to play your unconventional choice as the first dance song, and prepare to not only to surprise you guests, but also to enjoy celebrating your union with a piece that means something to both of you.

If you prefer to go for something a little more classic, then why not ask your solo wedding singer or DJ for some advice? As these professionals are likely to perform at a great number of weddings, they are often able to provide some great suggestions of tunes that will be the perfect way to spend your first dance as a married couple moving around the dance floor to.

If you are hiring a solo wedding singer, make sure that he or she has the song already in their repertoire, or is able to learn it in time for your big day; your singer of choice will often be able to give you a clear indicator of how much time they need for learning a song before they are ready to perform it.

You can also conduct an online search and see the suggestions of other people when it comes to great songs for the first dance; using the internet is also a great way to remind yourself of tunes that you and your partner have both loved, but may have forgotten about.

However you find your shortlist of potential weddings songs, be sure to choose a track that is meaningful for you as a couple. This can be difficult to do, so spend some time with your partner listening to the lyrics of each song, seeing if any of the words resonate with you. Lyrics are very important – perhaps more so than the tune – so pay attention here.

You and your partner can also narrow down your list of potential songs by choosing a genre of music that you both like. You may both see a rock ballad as being first dance material, or instead prefer an upbeat pop song that starts your evening – and your life together – on an uplifting note.

Whichever song you do end up choosing, make sure that your DJ or solo wedding singer is aware of your choice and can perform it for you. It is best to confirm this early on to avoid disappointment.

Choosing a first dance song does not have to be difficult, it just requires some researching of possible suitable tracks, listening to lyrics and selecting a couple of choice genres to help you make a decision. In all cases, be true to who you really are as a couple without catering to your guests’ expectations, and you are sure to find a song that suits you both.


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Choosing The Perfect Theme for Your Wedding

Weddings aren’t exactly as pleasant as it seems and especially when you have to plan and pay for it. Preparing for a wedding can be pretty stressful especially if you get confounded by various choices like when you have to select a flower or a theme or a flower arrangement. Things can get out of hand pretty quick which is why you need to find someone who picks and handles all the themes and decorations and executes them well. However, you need to choose a few things for a marriage decoration and listed below are few that you need to decide upon.

Consider the season

One of the things to consider before you even start planning for your wedding is the season you would be getting married in. accordingly you can pick a place, a theme and decorations. You need to consider the convenience of the guests as well since you would not want to leave with an unpleasant taste in their mouth. Pick a suitable time and come up with the marriage decoration and theme accordingly.

Pick a theme

Planning a wedding involves a theme. Now this is directly dependent on the time and place you select to tie the knot. Now, you might plan for an outdoor wedding theme which is very different from an indoor wedding and even require pleasant weather conditions. Also, the theme wedding decorations will differ according to the theme you select. Like if you choose a beach wedding, it will differ greatly from a royal or palace wedding.

Choose your decorations… wisely

Decoration is something you need to be very careful about. You do not want your wedding decorations to be tacky or gaudy ones. You want chic and sophisticated. However, this also depends on the location and setting as well. Like for outdoor weddings you would want suitable outdoor wedding decoration that would go along with the theme, like flower arrangements, etc. you can choose the proper flowers either from going through the flower decoration pictures or you can share your ideas with your decorators.

Choose your colour

Choosing the perfect colour can be a daunting task. When thinking about the colour do consider the theme. Like for outdoor wedding decoration, you would want to keep it breezy and chic. So you can hang flower arrangements on columns with white dupattas or with Christmas lights. Also, while choosing the colour of the flower arrangements you can leaf through flower decoration pictures to choose the perfect arrangement for your wedding.

Overthinking: a strict no-no before the wedding

One of the most common things that every bride does that tends to make the whole process stressful is overthinking it. Overthinking as a bride is something you should always abstain from as it deteriorates the whole situation. You can always leaf through magazines or ask your decorator for Indian wedding decoration themes as they are bound to have some suggestions that would match with your wedding plans.
Though weddings require a lot of planning, much of the stress can be reduced by delegating the tasks to your decorators. Just pick a theme from the various Indian wedding decoration themes and you will be good to go. So go ahead and get one now and tie the knot stress-free!

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Choosing Your Photography Style

There are very few memories that is as deeply embedded in your heart as the day on which you get married. Every moment of the day of your wedding is something that you would want to treasure and make a special place for. Capturing these moments is important and that is exactly where wedding photography comes into play. Every photograph from the wedding tells a story and these stories are enhanced by the style of the photography. Most wedding albums consist of photos that are clicked in one of the four styles talked about here.

Styles of Wedding Photography

Consult any wedding photographer about ideas for wedding photography and you will be asked to first pick a style that you would be comfortable with for your wedding. There are four main types of wedding photography. Depending on your aesthetic sensibilities and what you want from your wedding photographs, you can choose one or a combination of these photography styles for your nuptial ceremony.

Traditional Wedding Photography
This is the style of photography that most of us are familiar with as this is the most common style for wedding photos. The photographs tend be posed for in a certain manner and the photographer has a lot of say in how the photos will look. There will be a sense of chronology to the images. While traditional wedding photos ensure that there are many brilliantly posed images for the wedding album, the problem lies in the fact that it often looks stiff and too rigid. The happiness that is evident in candid photos tends to be missing with these photos. These photos tend to be slightly too formal and can be reminiscent of an era gone by. But the benefit of such a style is that you will have all the images that you expect out of a wedding album.

Contemporary Wedding Photography
With contemporary wedding photography one thing that you can be sure of is that you will never end up with similar photos. Every image will be as unique as you yourself are. There is a sense of fun and an element of fun that is attached to contemporary wedding photography. While there may be posing, there is a more stylistic sense to it. The backgrounds for the images will be such that they look straight out of a fashion or lifestyle magazine. This results in images that have a major feel good factor that is synonymous with it, thanks to the glossy appearance. The major problem with this style of photography is that after a couple of years there is a sense of age that becomes attached to the photos because it loses its trend factor. But despite that, if you are looking for gorgeous, fashionable photos of your special day, then this may be the style to pick.

Photojournalism Wedding Photography
You may wonder what journalism has to do with wedding photography? Well, the answer is that this style of photography uses the inherent characteristics of photojournalism while clicking pictures. The photographer becomes a part of the crowd clicking in-the-moment photographs that capture the special instances at the wedding. This style of photography is candid and very different from what is traditionally posed photography. There is certain freshness that is attributed to this reportage style of photography. Also there is a sense of a story that is being told through the photographs. The problem with this style of photography lies in the fact that you are never sure of how the photos may turn out. If you opt for this style of photography for your wedding then ensure that your photographer has experience with the style. You after all want to have many happy memories of the wedding.

Artistic Wedding Photography
What is the definitive feature of this type of wedding photography? Well, as is evident from the name given to this style of photography, the images of a painting like feel to them. Every image is unique either because of a conscious intervention by the photographer or due to sheer beauty of the setting of the photograph. If you want to choose this style of photography for your wedding, then you need to understand the style and see whether it holds any appeal for you. These image may be slightly unorthodox and risky. Choose this style if you want photographs that have a magical and other worldly effect in them. While this style may not have been very popular, many couples are breaking traditions and option for artistically clicked photographs.

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and the memories from the day should be such that they last you a lifetime. Choose from the varied styles so that you have images from your wedding that will make you smile with happiness every time you look at them.

How to Find a Right Wedding Photographer

Between all the different styles of photography, types of films, and different personalities of photographers, choosing a photographer can often seem like an impossible task. This guide will help you choose the right theme, and photographer so that your wedding photos are truly memorable.

Selecting a Style
The first point we will discuss is the style of photography. There are many different styles that photographers use, and the one you want for your wedding depends upon your taste. The two most popular styles used in wedding photography are photojournalistic and portrait. The two most common styles of pictures used are posed and casual.

The photographer who specializes in portrait style should be able to take both posed and casual shots. Generally, a photographer who uses this style will take more posed than casual pictures because couples usually prefer this style. It is fine if you are such a couple, but you may run into problems if you want more casual pictures later. One way to find out what style a photographer uses is by going through his portfolio.

A photographer who uses a photojournalistic approach usually takes shots that are not planned, and because of this the pictures appear casual. Often the photographer using this style has some experience in journalism. The shots taken are often spontaneous.

There is a third type of photographer as well. Whether it is a friend or relative, this person is a hobbyist photographer who will offer to photograph the wedding for free, or very low cost. Your pictures may not be top of the line but it remains an option if you don’t want to spend on a professional photographer.

Film – A return to Black and White?
Color is the most popular choice in wedding photography, but black & white is slowly gaining popularity. Black & white film will give you a more artistic-looking album. It also lasts longer than a color film. Color is the more versatile of the two. Color pictures will give you a more accurate portrayal of your wedding day. They can be made into black & white prints, but won’t last as long as the black & white pictures. Photographers who use the photojournalistic style are more apt to use black & white film. The choice is usually made according to the to-be-married couple’s tastes.

Another consideration is the speed of the film. Most photographers will already have a standard that they use in certain situations. The couple don’t need to worry about the film speed. When using a hobbyist photographer, a discussion about film speed may occur. Since most hobbyist photographers use a 35mm camera, the focus will generally be on 100, 200, or 400 speed film. 100 speed is best in strong sunlight and is the least grainiest of the three. 200 speed is the middle ground, and is often used for partial sun or partial shade. 400 speed works well in low light. 400 speed is most commonly used for wedding photography because it can be used for both indoor and outdoor shots.

Your Photographers Personality
Wedding photographers have a reputation for being high strung and haughty. Not all wedding photographers are this way, but some are. Most couples are looking for a photographer who takes great pictures, and also is sociable during the wedding. It is best if you interview the photographer before you hire him. Ask to-the-point questions and gauge his reactions. If you feel that the photographer is putting on an act, he probably is. Trust your instincts. Ask for references, and then follow up on them. Make sure to ask about the photographer’s personality. If you feel comfortable with the photographer and vice versa, it will show in the pictures.

The Perfect Portfolio
Finally, always look through a photographer’s portfolio. In case of a hobbyist photographer, look through albums of pictures that he has taken. These photographs will probably be the best that the photographer has taken, but should give you an indication of what to expect. Look for photographs where subjects are slightly out-of-focus, where attention is drawn away from the subject, muted colors, streaks in pictures, and so on. If you find any of these things, it’s likely that the pictures of your wedding day will contain some of these elements as well.

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