How to Decorate a Church for Wedding?

downloadWhile planning a church wedding, you need to consider designs for the aisle, the pews, and the altar.

❤ Before you begin planning the decorations, talk to the church administrator and get to know what is allowed and what is not.

❤ Some churches don’t permit the use of candles, while some don’t allow you to toss real flower petals (as this might wet and damage the carpet of floor and is also a slipping hazard).
❤ Also, keep in mind the number of seniors and children that will be attending the wedding. Accordingly you can plan out what kind of decorating material you can use. For instance, candles can be dangerous if there are a lot of children. Flowers with too strong a fragrance can pose problems for seniors.

❤ Before using candles as a decoration in the church, make sure there are fire extinguishers and other fire-safety equipment at hand.
The aisle and pews

❤ a ❤ Go for something simple. Bunch up a couple of contrasting flowers with leaves and hang them from the pews.

❤ b ❤ Try something elaborate. Have stands flanking the aisle with flower bouquets atop them and ribbons flowing to the ground.

❤ c ❤ This idea calls for a little more work. Place bunches of small flowers in tiny buckets as depicted above. Complement them with satin ribbons of the same color family.
❤ d ❤ Refurbish or buy tin boxes to fill with neat and compact flower arrangements. Place these on stands at the sides of the aisle.

❤ e ❤ Organza is one of the most popular fabrics used in any kind of decoration. Make huge bows with this sheer fabric and stick them on the corners of the pews.
❤ f ❤ Baby’s breath, organza and satin ribbons, and another flower of your choice; use these simple and easy-to-find materials to make simple hand-held flower decorations and tie them to the sides of the pews.

❤ g ❤ Try something a little different with your pew decoration. Have more of green and just a single flower, along with a pillar candle, some ribbon and tulle or organza bows in the same color.
The altar

❤ a ❤ This image depicts the seating area of the bride and groom during the ceremony. Something as simple as a fabric neatly covering the stools and altar flanked by tall flower arrangements can look elegant and sophisticated.

❤ b ❤ Again, simplicity is the key. Using two different floral arrangements along with tall candelabras on both sides is all you need to maintain the atmosphere of the church and have gorgeous decoration for your wedding.
❤ c ❤ This image is for the bride who wants to have a more elaborate altar for her wedding. Tall, rich floral arrangements on all four sides is just what she needs.

❤ d ❤ Coming back to simplicity, here’s another decorating idea that uses a lot of green. Here however, only single pillar candles placed on the altar do the trick.
If you do not wish to use real flowers, you can always go in for pretty artificial ones in silk, paper or even plastic, though they won’t have the classic charm of fresh, fragrant flowers.

Beautiful church decorations help create a more celebratory and refreshing atmosphere to make your special day truly memorable. So use any of the ideas mentioned here and you’ll have a gorgeously decorated church for your wedding.

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Tips to Decorate A Hall for Your Weddings

Your floral designer is the one who’s going to make your day. Throughout the ceremony, the flowers used to decorate the hall or the reception venue will be the main attraction. The guests will be admiring its beauty, its consonance with the season and the themes and how harmonious it is with the season. In many cases, the floral sets the tone for the wedding and makes the place become bright with colors. Choosing a florist to achieve all of these effects requires hard work. You need to find the right person so that the decor she puts up will be one that will make your hall look elegant and magnificent. We provide few tips on how to choose a reliable and competent florist.

The best approach to a great choice will be to look at her portfolio of flowers. See how glamorous they look and whether they fit an important occasion as your wedding. See if her collection favors summer, winter or the particular season in which you are marrying. She will definitely have photos of past work. Take a look at them. Do you like the arrangement? The design? The colors and the type of flowers used? Take time to brief the florist of any special effects you want so she can incorporate that into her regular designs.

Though your family members and friends may help with the decor, the florist will be the main person responsible for your wedding decoration. Choose somebody who has a proficiency in formal events and will let your wedding ceremony be the most talked about. Select one who understands your unique needs and will do something to appeal to your personality. Though you will need to cut down costs if you are on budget, you have to make sure that your decor carries glamor and befits a formal occasion like a wedding. No matter the cost, you must retain the formality of the wedding.


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Tips for Cheap Wedding Invitations

images (1)Planning a wedding on a budget might seem challenging what with the cost of wedding trousseau, decorations and venue. But with a bit of careful planning and thinking out of the box, you can have a beautiful wedding on a budget. A wedding invitation is the first thing that the guests notice, when they are notified about the upcoming nuptials. Just because you are on a budget does not mean that you need to compromise on the design and quality of your wedding invitations. Even on a budget, you can have elegant and unique wedding invitations. There are many ways in which you can bring down the cost of printing wedding invitations. From hiring artistic friends to do the calligraphy on the invites to downloading designs for invitation from the internet, there are many options that you can consider.

Affordable Wedding Invitation Ideas

Purchase Online
One of the best ways to save on wedding invitation is to search online for some great deals. There are many online wedding stationery sites that has a huge collection of beautiful invitations to choose from. They are usually cheaper than traditional wedding invitation cards and you can avail huge discounts when you order in bulk. The best thing about selecting a wedding invitation from such online sites is that you get a huge selection to choose from and you can even customize them by changing the font or the color of the design and motif. If you are skeptical about ordering wedding invitations online without looking at the actual invites, then you can ask them to ship you a free sample of a few designs that you liked. This will help you to decide whether you like the design, motif and quality of paper of the invites. Most online stores oblige by sending free samples of wedding stationery and you can take full advantage of this.

DIY Invitations
Of course one of the best ideas is to design and print the invitations yourselves. If you have a small guest list and are artistically inclined, you can hand paint your wedding invites to have personalized wedding invitation cards. However if you are not the creatively skilled or simply don’t have the time, then you can download some free wedding invitation designs from the internet and print them in your printer. Choose a good stationery for printing all such invitation cards. You can go to a wholesale stationery shop and purchase handmade paper or any fancy paper for printing your wedding invitations. You can choose from pretty and simple floral designs to more elaborate motifs. If you are having a casual wedding or a beach wedding, then have a motif in the wedding invitation that echoes this. For a beach wedding, a starfish motif or seashell motif is simply stunning. For more formal weddings, stick to a black and white geometric motif. If your wedding invitations are on the simpler side, then jazz it up by lining the envelopes of the invites with beautiful colored handmade paper. This idea does not cost a lot and you get elegant invitations as well.

If your heart is set on having beautiful calligraphy to address the invitation, then be warned that it is going to cost a bomb. Does that mean that you should abandon the idea of calligraphic invites. Well you can still have beautiful wedding invitations worded in calligraphy without going over budget. One of the best ideas is to enlist the help of friends who know calligraphy to write your invites. This will help you to get beautifully addressed invites without spending a lot.

These were some ideas that you can use to cut down the cost in wedding stationery. Use embellishments like sequins and organza ribbons to give the wedding invitations a classy and expensive look. If you plan from the beginning, then you can have beautiful wedding invitations at a very low cost.

Wedding Tips Before Buying Wedding Dress

downloadsThe 4 Styles of Wedding Dresses

  • Ball gown
  • Empire
  • Princess cut
  • Sheath

Follows the line of the body
It is true that as a bride, a girl will have all the attention on her, which means that her dress has to be as immaculate and beautiful as she wants it to be. Whether it is a custom-made gown or one from a boutique that catches her fancy, a bride knows she has to literally hunt for the one that will not just complement her but also enhance her mood and appearance.

While every bride dreams of walking down the aisle looking her very best, shopping for her dress is one uphill yet fun task that she has to undertake. This requires prior planning and a lot of searching. After all, saying ‘yes’ comes at a cost, and this involves saying yes to the dress that takes away not just her breath, but will eventually succeed in leaving the guests and the groom in awe on the ‘D-day’. Given here is a bride’s guide to find the perfect dress.

Know Your Body Type

The first and most important point every bride needs to know before shortlisting her dress is her body type. Knowing your body type will help you eliminate styles that do not flatter your figure. This will also help you decide on the material and pattern that will suit you best. The main point is that your dress should be able to accentuate the best features of yourself, and for that, knowing your body type is essential.

Envision the Minute Details for the Wedding

When we say minute details, it includes seeing yourself in your wedding dress inclusive of the veil and accessories that will make you look stunning. The location, setting, and theme of the wedding are important factors that will help you decide on your dress. Having a clear idea of how you want your wedding to be will help you decide if you want to have a princess-like dress, a ball gown, or a flowing romantic gown. Remember, the setting plays an important role in helping you pick the right dress that will suit the ambiance of the ceremony.

It is Okay to Try Out Different Styles

Confused with what will look best on you? You needn’t be; allow yourself to try out different styles while at the wedding salon. You never know what will look good on you till you have tried it out. Often enough, brides make the mistake of believing that if something looks good on a mannequin, it will look good on her as well. Remember that the mannequin is not you, which means that you need to hit the trial room to know the perfect fit of the dress that catches the fancy of your eye. Besides, you will also get a first-hand experience of the fabric that will make you look fab.

You Can Opt for a Colored Gown

Afraid, you won’t be able to pull off a pearly white gown? The good news is that, you can opt for a colored gown that will enhance your complexion. When you go shopping for your dress, give a second thought to trying out the off-whites, ivories, blush, and champagne-colored dresses that are there at the store. You are never really sure if something will look good on you till you try it out, and I believe if something suits you, then you should seriously consider it as an option. Undoubtedly, your gown will decide the mood of the evening, and you have the liberty to play with it.

Sometimes Opinions Matter

If you are confused between dresses, it always helps to take a second opinion from someone you trust. It is perfectly fine to bring along a trusted entourage to help you select the perfect dress. Do remember though, that ‘too many cooks spoil the broth.’ When you decide to go shopping for your dress, do limit your entourage to a couple of people―this can include just your mom and sister or a close friend, and definitely not a big group. You should be the showstopper for the evening, so it is best to keep your dress under wraps at times.

General Awareness of the Customs Followed

If you are thinking of a proper Church wedding, then it would be wise if you consider asking around for the customs followed before investing in the dress. Some religious or ethnic backgrounds might take offense with you flashing bare shoulders or head. It is best to follow guidelines specified rather than face embarrassment on the wedding day.

Leave Room for Alterations

Buying a dress too small for your frame will leave you in discomfort on the wedding day. It is best to buy a dress that fits you well, when you try it. The point is, buying a dress that is one size smaller than your actual size with the hope that by the wedding day you will fit into it is seemingly unrealistic. Buying a dress that fits you well, gives you room to alter it if you have indeed lost weight prior to the D-day. Remember, your dress can always be altered to fit you snugly.

Pay Attention to the Overall Cost

When you go into the store to purchase your dress, you need to take into consideration the other aspects that come along with the dress. This often includes the veil, gloves, and other accessories you use to customize your dress. All of this comes at a cost, and you definitely do not want to get a rude shock when the dress is delivered. Considering all the hidden costs will help you plan out your actual budget.

Plan Your Budget

Way before you begin searching for the right dress, you need to chalk out your budget. This will allow you to decide if you want a custom-made dress or one picked up from the local boutique. Besides, it will also help you decide on the fabric of the dress, as certain fabrics are more costly than the others. Planning your budget will also help you look at the options available to you with that range, and it will ensure you do not go overboard, thus, saving cash for your honeymoon.
Apart from these guidelines, you also need to remember to take along any hand-downs or accessories that you intend to use for your wedding. This includes the veil and tidbits that have an emotional value attached. Last but not the least, don’t just keep trying on dresses; take a decision, and finally, go for the one that makes you look immaculate and radiate happiness.